• Our Mission

    Fostering Relationships & Improving Northwest Ohio

    Uplyft Toledo

    UpLyft Toledo, is a non-profit organization established in order to ensure all children of Northwest Ohio have the opportunity to participate in athletic/fitness activities and receive the many benefits which include not only increased health outcomes but also fundamental life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and discipline. UpLyft Toledo leads a collaborative community based approach to collecting, and distributing sports & fitness equipment to the schools, programs, and organizations who can best put the equipment to use to serve our city's youth.

    The Problem

    Half of public school children today are from families poor enough to qualify them to be eligible for free or reduced-price school lunches, and they do not have a lot of money to spend on the necessary items of life, let alone the equipment to play sports or participate in fitness activities. The current problem is that kids are not able to play sports due to not having the necessary equipment to play.

    Overall Goal

    UpLyft Toledo's goal is to efficiently utilize the equipment that is gathering dust, to put more kids "in between the lines" and on the playing field! In order to accomplish this goal we will rally the Northwest Ohio community together to donate unused sports & fitness equipment. Ultimately, UpLyft Toledo would like for the children to understand that the community cares & the opportunity to be successful is available. With a bit of help from the community & UpLyft Toledo, anything is possible.

  • How It Works

    Explaining How YOU Help the Children of Toledo


    Pick-Up & Collection

    Email or Message UpLyft Toledo to have your sports equipment picked up or for information on drop-off locations



    The team transports the donated equipment to our warehouse, where members catalog the equipment & prepare for delivery



    UpLyft members identify and deliver the equipment to an organization, or family in Northwest Ohio

  • How To Get Involved

    UpLyft Toledo Today!

    Equipment Collection Drive

    Host a Collection Drive for Equipment

    Host an equipment collection drive at your local school, sports league, organization, business, or church.


    Equipment Collection Drives make up the majority of equipment our team collects. The ability for individuals to drop off equipment at a single location for a specified amount of time leads to a substantial amount of equipment being donated.


    Email the team, and one of our members will walk you through the process of setting up a collection drive!


    *UpLyft Toledo is looking for collection box locations throughout the Northwest Ohio area. Please email us today if your organization, or location is willing to be a long-term drop off location!*

    Social Media Awareness

    Share our Mission With Your Friends!

    It is that simple! So many connections are made via social media and UpLyft Toledo needs your help in sharing our vision.


    Too many times we hear, "If only we knew..." With your help, we can limit that. Instead we will hear, "I am so happy we found out, because we have so much...."


    UpLyft Toledo is built on the principles of using a collaborative community approach to carrying out the mission. Our team knows that the mission is next to impossible to complete without the help of the Northwest Ohio community.


    So please, "Share, Retweet, and Review" our social media pages. Help us spread our vision so that we can help to put as many children into action!

    Team Up With UpLyft

    Host Events & Collaborate With UpLyft

    Uplyft Toledo benefits from spreading our message outward to the community through the use of various platforms.


    Uplyft Toledo values the relationships built with organizations, businesses, individuals, and groups to be mutually beneficial.


    Therefore, our organization is open to hosting and collaborating on events to expand awareness.


    Our motto being, the more people that know about & contribute to the cause - the more basketballs and children get on the court.


    Send UpLyft Toledo an email today, and start planning tomorrow!





  • Our Team

    Getting To Know The Starting Line-up

    Adam Toth

    Co-Founder & Compliance Director

    Adam graduated from Bowling Green State University with his Bachelors Degree, and the University of Toledo with a Masters in Economics. He currently works for the Consulate-General of Japan in Detroit, Michigan. Adam currently resides in Maumee, and is devoted to improving the community by aiding the children of the future.


    "The children are the future, and what better way to make an impact on our community but to focus on improving their lives?"


    "I would say the best thing about our organization, is the fact that we are working to make a difference in the community, without worrying about making a dollar while doing it."

    Josh Payzant

    Co-​Founder & Vice President

    Josh graduated from Lourdes University with his Bachelors Degree and Masters of Business Administration. He currently works for the NAI Harmon Group in Toledo, Ohio. Josh resides in Toledo.He is devoted to inspiring confidence within children through fitness.


    "I am a firm believer that fitness develops confidence within us and I want to bring that feeling to the children of Metro-Toledo."


    "The best part of our organization has to be the ability to see the community rally together and produce equipment and results for children in need. We have been a part of a few events, and every time we get an amazing amount of support."

    Bill Laranga

    Founder & President

    Bill, graduated from Lourdes University with his Bachelors Degree in Education. He currently works at Ally Financial in Detroit, Michigan. Bill currently resides in Maumee, and is devoted to living a life of efficiency while spreading positivity and happiness.


    "To know that one glove or one basketball could impact a child's life substantially, is the reason we do this. I look forward to the moment UpLyft can report that one of our donated basketballs earned a child a scholarship."


    "The beauty of our organization is that we are not selling people on anything. We are simply providing value by efficiently utilizing equipment and helping children simultaneously."

  • Making A Difference

    An example of how UpLyft Toledo intends to 'Make A Difference' in Toledo

    UpLyft Toledo & East Toledo Family Center

    UpLyft Toledo helped several underprivileged kids on July 7th, 2018 at the East Toledo Family Center. UpLyft donated hundreds of used baseball items including gloves, helmets, bats, and baseballs. Here's the full story as seen on BCSN Sports!

  • FAQs

    Commonly asked questions.

    What Condition Should The Equipment Be In?

    We accept used or new equipment. Most of our inventory comes from individual families donating gently used equipment. The programs that we work with will accept equipment of any age as long as it is in serviceable condition.


    As a growing organization, we are always looking to best serve our beneficiaries. We ask that any equipment donated is properly cleaned/maintained.

    Where Does The Equipment Go?

    The donated equipment goes to schools, organizations, and programs that serve at-risk youth. Most equipment goes to programs in the Toledo area, but we will work with programs throughout the Northwest Ohio area.


    The best way to keep up with who we are donating to, is to follow our social media accounts!


    What Types of Equipment Do You Take?

    We take ALL sports & fitness equipment with the exception of football helmets, underwear garments, used hats, fishing gear, or hunting gear.


    Note: Please identify items that may be broken, or unusable by children before donating to UpLyft Toledo

    How Can I Help?

    We are continuously looking for ways to improve, and expand throughout the Northwest Ohio area. Our goal is to get children back on the playground, in the gym, and on the field as fast as we can with the equipment they need. You can help us by:

    • Hosting a Collection Drive
    • Donate Equipment
    • House an UpLyft Drop Off Box (click here)
    • Donate Monetarily
    • Host a Fundraiser
    • Create a Networking Opportunity
    • Become a Brand Ambassador

    Fulfilling our mission is a collaborative community effort and the end goal is to improve the lives of children!

  • Continual Feedback & Innovation

    Please contact our team, we enjoy communicating with the community!

  • Monthly Newsletter

    Our newsletter is sent out via e-mail on the last Saturday of the month. It recaps the previous month and provides insight into our goal progress and the future of UpLyft Toledo!

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